Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Lesson Plan::: March 30th 2012

My partner's and my lesson about The Giving Tree went fantastic! We really worked well as a team. We started preparing days in advance for this lesson. Kimberly prepared the disciplinary chart and I prepared the "bulletin board" tree and leaves for the students. The objectives of our lesson were that the students had to write 1 sentence about a special gift they have received and complete a worksheet about drawing different parts of the tree from the book, The Giving Tree.
The objectives were assessed by the teachers walking around while the students were writing their sentence and the teacher checking if the students drew the parts correctly. The lesson was not executed exactly as it was written because we felt that our lesson was too short for the time alloted. We planned on having the behavior problem in the class so we had to have enough time to address that but luckily for us, everything went smooth.
The most important thing we tried teaching our students was to share with each other. I feel as if the students grasped the main idea of the lesson. What we learned from our students would have to be how to treat others. From experience of the other lessons taught, if the teachers of the day were mean to the students, the students were in turn mean to the teacher. I feel that Kim and I treated the students with respect and kindness and that is why the students were respectful and kind to us. What we could have done differently for the lesson was incorporate more arts and craft for the students to be more engaged in the topic of the lesson. What I need to improve on is on being less shy and more open to talk to the students. I guess I am just nervous in front of students my age.

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  1. I truly enjoyed the giving tree. I saw with you and Kimberly the preparedness and how promt you were with the setup. The behavioral plan also was great I loved the color change. The best part would be the giving tree assignment in which each student wrote out someone who was nice to them and gave them something. I loved pasting my leaf on the tree. Very Creative!!